Who doesn’t love a relaxing scroll with a glass of wine? Instagram is the ultimate source of inspo, motivation and entertainment for young, old, cat lovers and style queens. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, Instagram has got you covered. From swoon-worthy travel destinations and delicious foodie snaps to quirky animals and arty inspo, Instagram is full of people you wish you knew and places you wish you were. Check out this list of our favourite Instagrammers, the ones who make us smile, inspire us and literally make us say OMG!  –  you can thanks us later!

@thiswildidea – Globetrotter Theron Murphy is on a mission travelling America, his critically acclaimed photography is absolutely stunning, but by far the star of the show is his loveable travelling companion Maddie the dog. The account draws you into an adventure, one filled with sheer creative talent and quirky humour. If you’re looking for a genuine good old-fashioned smile, you won’t be disappointed.



@seblester – English, artist, designer and calligrapher Seb Lester will have you in awe! Seb is an uber-talented typographer that records his work, mesmerising viewers as he creates perfect fluid art by hand. *Warning watching hand-drawn type can be highly addictive!



@brahmino – Photography master Simone Bramante has a seriously wicked way of capturing a mood in his work. His Instagram is a detailed gallery of his travels, with a focus on Italy and chasing shadows and light across landscapes. Perhaps his coolest work is his ability to make patterns from everyday objects and nature, blurring the line between artist and photographer.



@trotterpup – This account is pure fun and silliness. Trotter is a hipster French bulldog with an extra spoonful of sass and some extremely creative ‘parents’. The daily portraits of this super photogenic pup will make your day. They say laughter is the best medicine,  follow this account for your daily dose.



@tal_peleg – This account is proof that if you find your niche, have bucket loads of talent and the patience of a saint, anything is possible! Makeup artist Tal has taken the beauty world by storm with her eye makeup…you will immediately be blown away by this arty lady’s talent. She has the most amazing eye for detail – pun completely intended!



@makhorov – Vadim Makhorov describes himself as an urban explorer, you have probably seen one of his photos at one time or another, climbing to dizzying heights he captures the world from an angle rarely seen by the rest of us. He produces stunning Ariel photography that will leave you guessing and perhaps give you vertigo.



@josielewisart – A lolly shop for artists, talented Instagrammer Josie Lewis combines science, art and rainbows. Any creatives out there will love Josie’s arty account, it is a glimpse into her thought process, her brainstorming and experimentation with colour and materials. You can see more of her wild resin art on her portfolio account @petrifiedrainbow



@katherine_sabbath – Colourful, quirky and delicious, what more could you want? Katherine is a phenomenal cake decorator reinventing the baking industry with her psychedelic creations. She explains her style as “more is more!”, a scroll through her account will confirm this mantra and have your sweet tooth smiling!



@alexameadeart – Alexa Meade turns art as we know it on its head with her paintings that transform real people into 2D art. It is too easy to get lost for hours in her account as you try to decipher her pieces. What is extra cool is that she documents each art-making process, so you feel totally immersed in her world.



There are so many extraordinarily talented Instagrammers out there, so follow them, share the love, and you never know, it just might inspire your own crafty idea.