Independent review by Ladies Pass it On


My husband is a gadget lover.

He is one of the eager hoards, waiting with baited breath for new updates, models and technology to hit the shop floor each month and it’s safe to say we have more high-tech items in our home than any normal family needs.

So, it was no shock to me when he presented me with the new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer as an “early mother’s Day gift” last week! I am not complaining in this instance (unlike last month when our third drone bit the dust, this one had a Virtual Reality headset and was EVERYTHING apparently), in fact I am quite the opposite – I am in love, actually!

This new revolution in hair-drying promises to drastically reduce your time spent blasting water out of your locks and also to care for them far more than any other machine can…

Here is the Science…

  • The Supersonic employs Air Multiplier Technology – for those of us not in the know this simply means that the motor (in the head of the dryer) draws in air and amplifies it three times, producing a controlled but high pressure, high velocity jet of air (105mph!)
  • It is also engineered for balance. Where other dryers can feel top heavy this model has it’s centre of gravity in the middle making it easier to balance.
  • Air temperature from the motor is monitored 20 times a second and regulated by a microprocessor to prevent heat damage to the hair.

Here is the Fluff…

It looks beautiful and it comes in the most fabulous of pink boxes (Mother’s Day edition I am told) and appeals to that sacred part of all women which loves packaging. It’s a flaw I know!

What do I think?

I have a LOT of hair and it’s very long and dry so takes a heck of a lot of blasting to get the water out! My drying time is definitely reduced using this model but for me the biggest benefits are the feel of it (my arm doesn’t hurt anymore) and most importantly  – the final result. My hair is like someone else’s these days! Smoother and shinier and somehow softer. I really don’t know which part of the Dyson’s amazing engineering story is responsible for that but I do know I will be hanging onto this for evermore and never letting it go.

So, is it worth the rather hefty price tag?

In my humble opinion yes it is. It’s about time the advances in technology were geared towards more everyday items like this. I feel happy knowing there is less heat damage being done to my hair each week and  happy that it looks and feels good. Job done. It’s not rocket science but it is fab engineering.

Dyson you have done it again…